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We've got your equipment and party hire needs covered. If you cannot find what you need online, give us a call as we add to our stock frequently, and we may not have all new items listed.

Our Hire-all line expands frequently, which makes us one of Brisbane's largest Equipment Hire and Party Hire Warehouses.


OptionFrom Price 
White - Linen Serviette 10 PackFrom $10.00Details
White - Linen Table Cloth 1.8M TableFrom $10.00Details
White - Linen Table Cloth 2.4 TableFrom $10.00Details
White - Linen Table Cloth Square LargeFrom $12.00Details
White - Linen Table Cloth Square MediumFrom $10.00Details
White - Linen Table Cloth Square SmallFrom $10.00Details
White - Linen Table Skirt 3MFrom $25.00Details
Black - Linen Table Cloth suit 1.8m tableFrom $12.00Details
Black - Linen table cloth 2.4m tableFrom $12.00Details
Black - drybar cover stretchFrom $6.00Details


OptionFrom Price 
Fairy Lights LEDFrom $16.50Details
Festoon LightsFrom $28.00Details
FlexlightFrom $28.00Details
Floro Light TwinFrom $30.00Details
Fog MachineFrom $30.00Details
Light Boogie Effect LEDFrom $30.00Details
Light Flood Twin 500From $28.00Details
Porta-Flood LightFrom $9.00Details


OptionFrom Price 
Freestanding White 12m x 6mFrom $790.00Details
Freestanding White 3.6m SquareFrom $145.00Details
Freestanding White 6.0m SquareFrom $390.00Details
Freestanding White 7.2m x 3.6mFrom $290.00Details
Freestadning White 9.0m x 4.5mFrom $450.00Details
Pole & Peg White 12m x 6mFrom $580.00Details
Pole & Peg White 6m SquareFrom $290.00Details
Pole & Peg White 9m x 6mFrom $435.00Details
Walling White Per MetreFrom $3.00Details

Shade Solutions

OptionFrom Price 
Tarpulin KitFrom $48.00Details
Umbrella Beach TypeFrom $10.00Details
Umbrella StandFrom $5.00Details

Amenities and Cleaning

OptionFrom Price 
Rubbish Bin 200LitreFrom $12.00Details
Rubbish Bin 40 LitreFrom $5.00Details
Star Prickets DriverFrom $10.00Details
Star Pickets - 10 PackFrom $20.00Details
Portable toiletFrom $105.00Details

Catering Equipment

OptionFrom Price 
Boiling Pot (10Litre)From $6.00Details
Cake Plate Stand 3 TieredFrom $10.00Details
Cake Stand GlassFrom $3.20Details
Cake Stand Stainless SteelFrom $3.20Details
Cocktail ShakerFrom $3.00Details
Coffee PotFrom $3.00Details
Drink TrayFrom $2.50Details
Ice BucketFrom $3.00Details
Ice ScoopFrom $0.60Details
Nip MeasureFrom $0.60Details
Salad Bowl AcrylicFrom $2.50Details
Salad Bowl WovenFrom $1.80Details
Serving Platter OvalFrom $4.00Details
Serving Platter RoundFrom $1.80Details
Stainless Steel Dowl LargeFrom $3.00Details
Teapot LargeFrom $5.00Details


OptionFrom Price 
Bar StoolFrom $12.00Details
Green ChairFrom $2.00Details
White ChairFrom $2.50Details


OptionFrom Price 
BBQ LargeFrom $55.00Details
Deep Fryer Double Basket ElectricFrom $50.00Details
Roaster Spit SmallFrom $130.00Details
Roaster Spit LargeFrom $150.00Details

Crockery White China

OptionFrom Price 
AshtrayFrom $0.80Details
Cup & Saucer 10 PackFrom $6.00Details
Gravy BoatFrom $1.80Details
Jug Milk MediumFrom $1.80Details
Jug Milk SmallFrom $1.30Details
Mug Coffee Per DozenFrom $5.50Details
Plate Bowl Dessert/Soup 10 PackFrom $4.00Details
Plate Bread/Butter 10 PackFrom $4.00Details
Plate Dinner Large 10 PackFrom $4.80Details
Plate Dinner Medium 10 PackFrom $4.80Details
Plate Entrée 10 Pack From $4.80Details
Salt & Pepper ShakerFrom $1.30Details
Sugar Bowl From $1.30Details


OptionFrom Price 
Barbeque tool set comboFrom $2.60Details
Carving Set Knife and ForkFrom $2.50Details
Fork Cake 10 PackFrom $1.90Details
Fork Dinner 10 PackFrom $2.50Details
Fork ServingFrom $1.30Details
Knife BreadFrom $1.30Details
Knife CheeseFrom $1.30Details
Knife Dinner 10 PackFrom $2.50Details
Knife Steak 10 PackFrom $3.80Details
Spoon Dessert 10 PackFrom $2.50Details
Spoon Soup 10 PackFrom $2.50Details
Splayd 10 PackFrom $3.80Details
Spoon Tea 10 PackFrom $1.90Details
Cake LifterFrom $1.30Details
Salad Server SetFrom $1.30Details
Spoon ServingFrom $1.30Details
Tongs BBQFrom $0.65Details

Food and Drink Warmers

OptionFrom Price 
Pie Oven 4 TrayFrom $35.00Details
Pie Oven 5 TrayFrom $45.00Details
Urn 10 LitreFrom $20.00Details
Urn 20 LitreFrom $25.00Details
Oven -Anvil Turbo Fan From $95.00Details
Bain Marie 2 Dish WetFrom $30.00Details
Bain Marie 4 DishFrom $50.00Details
Chafing DishFrom $40.00Details
Coffee Perculator 100 cupFrom $55.00Details
Coffee WarmerFrom $25.00Details
Hot Food BarFrom $60.00Details
Hotbox Gas 12 ShelfFrom $105.00Details


OptionFrom Price 
Beer Glass - Pot Per DozenFrom $6.00Details
Brandy Balloon Per DozenFrom $7.20Details
Champagne Flute Per DozenFrom $7.80Details
Champagne Saucer Per DozenFrom $7.80Details
Jug Beer Acrylic 1140MLFrom $2.00Details
Jug Beer Glass 1140MLFrom $2.50Details
Jug Water Glass 1000MLFrom $2.50Details
Martini Glass Per DozenFrom $7.20Details
Port Glass Per DozenFrom $4.80Details
Punch Bowl Glass 5 LitreFrom $10.00Details
Punch Bowl Glass Inc GlassesFrom $14.00Details
Punch Glass per DozenFrom $4.80Details
Tumber Hiball per DozenFrom $6.00Details
Tumbler Spirit per DozenFrom $6.00Details
Tumbler Water per DozenFrom $6.00Details
Wine Carafe 1000MLFrom $2.50Details
Wine Carafe 500mlFrom $1.80Details
Wine Glass - Goblet per dozenFrom $6.00Details
Wine Tulip Per DozenFrom $6.00Details

Heating and Cooling

OptionFrom Price 
BrazierFrom $12.50Details
EskyFrom $32.00Details
Ice TubFrom $17.50Details
Mobile Cold Room to 3000 LitresFrom $130.00Details
Mobile Cold Room LargeFrom $185.00Details
Patio Heater Includes 9 kg LPG bottleFrom $90.00Details
Mobile Cold Room to 2000 LitreFrom $120.00Details


OptionFrom Price 
Dry Bar PremiumFrom $20.00Details
Lecture Adjustable TopFrom $45.00Details
Table Round 0.9mFrom $9.00Details
Table Round 1.2mFrom $12.00Details
Table Round 1.5mFrom $15.00Details
Table Round 1.8mFrom $18.00Details
Table Trestle 1.8mFrom $11.00Details
Table Trestle 2.4mFrom $13.00Details
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