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We've got your equipment and party hire needs covered. If you cannot find what you need online, give us a call as we add to our stock frequently, and we may not have all new items listed.

Our Hire-all line expands frequently, which makes us one of Brisbane's largest Equipment Hire and Party Hire Warehouses.

Automotive Equipment

OptionFrom Price 
Jack TrolleyFrom $33.00Details
Automotive - Axle Stand/RampsFrom $11.00Details
Automotive - Tension WrenchFrom $16.00Details
Automotive - Trolley JackFrom $33.00Details
Trailer CageFrom $80.00Details
TrailerFrom $45.00Details

Compressors and Sprayers

OptionFrom Price 
Compressor - Electric 8FCMFrom $50.00Details
Compressor - Electric 13FCMFrom $55.00Details
Compressor - Petrol 15FCMFrom $60.00Details
Airless Spray Gun LargeFrom $130.00Details
Airless Spray Gun SmallFrom $100.00Details

Concreting and Compaction Equipment

OptionFrom Price 
Boxing (per metre)From $3.25Details
Concreting Equipment - Concrete MixerFrom $34.00Details
Concreting Equipment - Concrete MixerFrom $41.00Details
Concreting Equipment - Hand ToolsFrom $7.00Details
Concreting Equipment - ScreedFrom $17.00Details
Concreting Equipment - Trowelling MachineFrom $70.00Details
Vibrator PortableFrom $60.00Details
RammerFrom $75.00Details
Vibrating Plate CompactorFrom $75.00Details
Concreting Equipment - Bull FloatFrom $22.00Details

Drills, Sanders and Grinders

OptionFrom Price 
Drill - ElectricFrom $33.00Details
Drill - Hammer to 16mmFrom $33.00Details
Drill - Hammer to 32mmFrom $50.00Details
Drill - Hammer to 50mmFrom $60.00Details
Drill - Hammer Drill BitsFrom $11.00Details
Drill - Core Drilling to 165mmFrom $100.00Details
Floor Polisher/SanderFrom $70.00Details
Floor SanderFrom $85.00Details
Floor Sander EdgerFrom $60.00Details
Floor Sander FinisherFrom $70.00Details
GrinderFrom $33.00Details
Grinder Polisher - ConcreteFrom $130.00Details
Grinder - ConcreteFrom $155.00Details
Polisher - FloorFrom $75.00Details
Sander - BeltFrom $33.00Details
Sander - DiscFrom $33.00Details
Sander - OrbitalFrom $33.00Details
RouterFrom $33.00Details
StaplerFrom $22.00Details

Excavation Equipment

OptionFrom Price 
Bobcat 418 Mini ExcavatorFrom $290.00Details
Kanga Mini LoaderFrom $225.00Details
Kanga Mini Loader - Bucket AttachmentFrom $65.00Details
Kanga Mini Loader - Trencher AttachmentFrom $65.00Details
Kanga Mini Loader - Auger AttachmentFrom $65.00Details
Kubota KX018-4 ExcavatorFrom $360.00Details
Bobcat S70 Skid Steer LoaderFrom $280.00Details

Garden Equipment

OptionFrom Price 
Blower Hand HeldFrom $40.00Details
Brush CutterFrom $38.00Details
ChipperFrom $105.00Details
Hedge TrimmerFrom $50.00Details
Hedge Trimmer Pole MountedFrom $65.00Details
HoseFrom $7.00Details
Lawn AeratorFrom $20.00Details
Lawn Aerator/Corer MotorisedFrom $105.00Details
Lawn DethatcherFrom $50.00Details
Lawn MowerFrom $32.00Details
Lawn RollerFrom $20.00Details
Muck TruckFrom $55.00Details
Rotary HoeFrom $95.00Details
Tiller GardenFrom $65.00Details
Shovel/SpadeFrom $8.00Details
Sledge HammerFrom $8.00Details
Star Picket DriverFrom $13.00Details
Stump GrinderFrom $150.00Details
Trencher Med to 600mmFrom $145.00Details
Top Soil SpreaderFrom $15.00Details
Wheel BarrowFrom $14.00Details
Wheel Barrow - PoweredFrom $55.00Details

Generators, Pumps and Water Blasters

OptionFrom Price 
Generator 2.5 to 3.0 KVAFrom $60.00Details
Generator 5.0 KVAFrom $70.00Details
Generator 8.0 KVAFrom $80.00Details
Pump Submersable ElectricFrom $42.00Details
Pump Flex DriveFrom $42.00Details
Pump Flex Drive MotorFrom $42.00Details
Water Pressure Cleaner - 2000psiFrom $85.00Details
Water Pressure Cleaner - 3000psiFrom $115.00Details
Water Pressure Cleaner - 4000psi Electric StartFrom $150.00Details
Water Pressure Cleaner - Whirl-a-Way RotaryFrom $48.00Details
Generator 1.7kva silencedFrom $60.00Details


OptionFrom Price 
Jackhammer - Small (Hilti 706)From $60.00Details
Jackhammer - Medium (Hilti 1000)From $80.00Details
Jackhammer - Large (Hilti 3000)From $110.00Details

Lifting Equipment

OptionFrom Price 
Acrow Props - No. 0From $7.30Details
Acrow Props - No. 1From $8.00Details
Acrow Props - No. 2From $8.60Details
Acrow Props - No. 3From $9.30Details
Chain HoistFrom $22.00Details
Genie Lifter (Large)From $105.00Details
Genie Lifter (Small)From $65.00Details
Jack - HouseFrom $33.00Details
Pallet TrolleyFrom $33.00Details
Panel LifterFrom $65.00Details


OptionFrom Price 
Nail Gun - Fencing and DeckingFrom $50.00Details
Nail Gun - FinishingFrom $50.00Details
Nail Gun - Flooring/FramingFrom $50.00Details
Nail Gun - Secret Nail/StaplerFrom $60.00Details
Nail Gun - Nail Gun KitFrom $100.00Details

Post Hole Boring

OptionFrom Price 
Post Hole Borer - Manual or cleanoutFrom $12.00Details
Post Hole Borer - 2-man PetrolFrom $80.00Details
Post Hole Borer - 1-man Petrol SmallFrom $50.00Details
Post Hole Borer - 1-man Petrol LargeFrom $100.00Details
Post Hole Borer - Attachment to KangaFrom $60.00Details
Scissor ShovelFrom $14.00Details


OptionFrom Price 
Chain Saw - Two StrokeFrom $75.00Details
Chain Saw - Pole Mount to 4.2mFrom $68.00Details
Saw - Brick Paver SawFrom $110.00Details
Saw - CircularFrom $33.00Details
Saw - Concrete RoadFrom $130.00Details
Saw - Concrete Petrol - Includes Diamond Blade and FuelFrom $113.50Details
Saw - Concrete Electric - Diamond Blade extraFrom $109.00Details
Saw - Metal CutoffFrom $40.00Details
Saw - MasonryFrom $50.00Details
Saw - Mitre CompoundFrom $72.00Details
Saw - ReciprocatingFrom $40.00Details
Saw - Tile (Top Slide)From $65.00Details

Scaffolding and Access Equipment

OptionFrom Price 
Mobile ScaffoldingFrom $27.00Details
Cherry Picker 12 MetresFrom $250.00Details
Scissor Lift including TrailerFrom $170.00Details

Trestles, Planks and Ladders

OptionFrom Price 
Trestles - Brickie's Steel 1.4 & 2.3 MetresFrom $16.50Details
Trestles - Painter's Aluminium 1.8 & 2.4 MetresFrom $13.00Details
Trestles - Painter's Aluminium 3.0 & 3.6 MetresFrom $15.00Details
Trestles - Painter's Aluminium 4.2 & 4.9 MetresFrom $17.00Details
Trestles - Safety Rail System 1 Bay SystemFrom $40.00Details
Planks - Aluminium 3 & 4 MetresFrom $9.00Details
Planks - Aluminium 5 & 6 MetresFrom $11.00Details
Planks Clamp - 2 Plank ClampFrom $6.50Details
Ladder - Extension 4.2, 5.4 & 6.6 MetresFrom $25.00Details
Ladder - Extension 7.5 MetresFrom $30.00Details
Ladder - Extension 9 & 11.3 MetresFrom $35.00Details
Ladder - Step 1.8 & 2.4 MetresFrom $20.00Details
Ladder - Step 3.0 & 3.6 MetresFrom $25.00Details
Ladder - Step 4.2 MetresFrom $30.00Details


OptionFrom Price 
Animal TrapFrom $16.00Details
Carpet StretcherFrom $22.00Details
Drain Cleaning RodsFrom $29.00Details
Dumpy LevelFrom $50.00Details
Electric EelFrom $85.00Details
Fan ExtractorFrom $40.00Details
Floor ClampFrom $18.00Details
Laser LevelFrom $75.00Details
Line Marking MachineFrom $22.00Details
Rod Bender/CutterFrom $33.00Details
Safety Harness Full Roofers KitFrom $50.00Details
Tarpaulin - Roof 6m x 9mFrom $70.00Details
Tarpaulin - Roof 7m x 11mFrom $85.00Details
Tile Cutter to 600mmFrom $44.00Details
Trolley - Pallet truckFrom $37.00Details
Trolley - Stair climbingFrom $28.00Details
Vacuum Single Motor - Wet/Dry - industrialFrom $70.00Details
Wallpaper StripperFrom $44.00Details
Welder - ArcFrom $33.00Details
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